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You can buy any of our images as Digital Downloads, Print packages &/or your own design of Greetings Cards or other Images4U Products for Personal &/or Royalty-Free Reseller Use.
Please see 'About', 'How to Buy', 'Terms & Conditions' & “Contact” in Footer. Thanks.


Here are our Terms & Conditions for How to Use any and all Images you buy from us on


You are free to buy any images you find on our website and to use them for :-

any and all Personal and/or Commercial Reseller use on a Royalty-Free basis.

That's right !


There is no different price for your right to use any and all images from for those who  wish to use them solely for Personal use and/or for Any Commercial/Reseller use.


There is no legal restriction on any buyer using any and all images bought from in any legal way they wish, with this one exception in 3a/  below :-


For any Commercial/Reseller use please make sure that the

Legally Required Copyright Ownership Data, belonging to each image from

is visible on either the bottom Left or Right hand vertical edge of the image in small fonts of your choosing.

That Legally Required Copyright Ownership Data needs to read as follows in the line below :-



The reason we require our Legally Required Copyright Ownership Data to be visible on any images bought off the website is so your commercial use of our images automatically carries our own Legally Required Copyright Ownership Branding Data and that will gradually attract more of  the market to our website and they too may  become valued future buyers,


because each image to be found on the website is an Original Image owned by the Legally Recognized Author of such image(s)

{either or another independent Author - in which case - that Oher Legally Recognized Authors' Legally Required Copyright Ownership Data will be made clear to any and all Commercial/Reseller buyers at Checkout so such buyer(s) can include the correct data on their Reseller image(s) }


That (in 3b/ above) is the reason we do not charge a higher buying price for Commercial/Reseller use as distinct from Personal Use - because your commercial use is one of our avenues to widen our market, once your own customers see the Legally Required Copyright Data on any and all images bought from, and are alerted to go look for our website = that's our longer term payday from your reasonably low cost initial image purchase from

Hope that helps.

Please Note :

4/ works through a Commercial Tracking Compony which seeks out and 'Reads' any of the images under the Ownership Brand and captures them to check  whether or not our Legally Required Copyright Data has been made visible, as per these Terms & Conditions of Sale, on any and all such images.


In the event one or more of our images is found to be  used in a Commercial setting without our Legally Required -  and notified-as-required in these Terms & Conditions - Copyright Ownership Data on it, it will be automatically taken down (if on the net) and the buyer of that, or those, image(s) will be contacted to make sure a voluntary agreement is reached to only use any and all images with the Legally Required & Duly Notified Copyright Ownership Data properly included on it, (as notified in 3a/ above) going forward.


Any such buyer (as in 4a/ above) will be restricted from being able to  buy any more images from until they have agreed, in writing, to make sure our Legally Required Copyright Ownership Data is included visibly (as in 3a/ above) on any and all images  bought from this website, by such buyer(s), for Commercial/Reseller use.


Any such buyer(s) (as in 3a/ and 4b/ above) will have their relevant Commercial Name & Data put on a  blacklist on the internet social media sites to reflect an abuse of pre-agreed Copyright image-use, until and unless such a buyer complies, in writing, to the Tracking Company, and in visible evidence on any images originating from the website, and bought  by such buyer(s), and used by such buyer(s) in a Commercial/Reseller setting - until and unless -any and all such Legally Required Copyright Ownership Data becomes fully visible on any and all such images bought from and used on a Commercial/Reseller basis by such buyer(s).

Hope that makes all of the legal stuff clear and thank you for honouring the Good Use of all of that , as we would in reverse - because it is the Right Thing To Do.

Be Mightily Blessed in Jesus' Mighty Name !

and enjoy any of our images, as they are offered to be  so enjoyed.

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