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A Colour version of the shot in Mac 21

How to Buy

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HI. Thanks for wanting to buy images from us.

We hope you enjoy those you buy and gradually find more images here you like as you come back and browse our site going forward.

There are a couple of things that will be helpful for you.


All of the images displayed on are at considerably lesser image quality than the originals from which they were taken. (about half in percentage terms)

We do that so as to lessen the risk that they will look so good folk may want to try and steal them off the site without paying for them.

The download you pay for, as well as any print products will have full res quality with no watermarks nor text on any art of it.  Hope that helps !!

1/ This website is hosted by the Smugmug Hosting Platform for Photographers and they have a Minimum Buy of £10 per order.

What that means is that if your order is less than £10 in Total Order Value they will add another £0.50 GBP  to the price of  your order because it's less than their £10 Minimum Order Spend.

So, it may be helpful to choose enough downloads and/or print display products to just go over that £10 minimum unless you're happy to just take a single image download, for instance, and maybe a small print, and pay the extra £0.50 if your total order value is less than that £10 minimum spend rule. (not ours ! and we don't get the £0.50! Just saying is all !)


When you're ready to pay for the downloads and/or any Print Products you've selected, this platform has set it  up so you can pay using any card that has a Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover logo on them as well as by Debit and/or Credit cards as well as Paypal. 

2a/  Please note:-

Only ONE method of payment may be used per order. 

Which means, you can vary which payment method you use to  pay at checkout but only on different orders. Thanks.


Once you hit the green Buy Photo button, you will automatically see the Purchase Options and simply click on whatever you wish to see and evaluate, then add whatever you are OK with to your cart and either keep looking and adding or go to your cart and after reviewing the data to see you're happy with it all, go to checkout and follow the steps to completion - and thanks for doing all that if you find one or more images here you wish to buy.


Any Image you  buy will come to  you without any copyright watermark data attached to it and with no text on it anywhere = it will be a clean image and all yours, as per our  Terms & Conditions (see separate page for those in Footer), and in AAA above

The images you see, with copyright watermarks and text descriptions on top of them are solely so that that data is visible on this website.

The image(s) you buy come to  you direct from a bank of identical images with no text on them at all.

That's it !

Hope that all helps.

For more detailed data re how you can use the images you buy from please see our Terms & Conditions Page in the footer.

Thanks. Have a Great Life !

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